The Church had its beginning in 1821 and was first named The Calvinistic Congregational Society. George Fisher of Wrentham was called to be our first minister. The original building was a box like structure containing only a vestibule and an “audience room” with a gallery. In 1927 a belfry and bell were added and in 1836 a pulpit was built in the audience room.

At a church meeting on March 14,1843, resolutions condemning slave holding were adopted.

In 1848 an organ was donated and later in 1863 a George Stevens pipe organ was bought with donations from members. There are only a handful of these organs still in existence. It is still in use having had several renovations over the years.

The One Hundredth Anniversary of the church was celebrated in 1921 and more renovations were conducted.

In 1929 an oil burning furnace, running water, and a new kitchen were installed. In 1940 a fire broke out in the belfry and burned down through the ceiling of the sanctuary. The Volunteer Fire Department did an excellent job as the pulpit, pews and the building itself were not burned. The organ, although damaged, could be and was repaired. A new bell was presented to the Church by the families of Edwin and Stanley Hildreth.

In 1956 the Baptist Church of Still River, and the Evangelical Congregational Church (as it was known then) began holding joint services. The Baptist Church disbanded in 1970.

At a regular annual church meeting in April 1963, the church members voted to join the United Church of Christ. We are now known as the Congregational Church of Harvard, UCC.

In 1966 a new Parish Hall wing was constructed. This project was planned by a most capable Building Committee and designed by Lindsay Shives, a registered architect of Still River.

In 1996 we celebrated our 175th Anniversary. During the year there were special services, renovations in the sancturary including removing the seats and painting them.

In 2009 it was decided we needed to renovate again and a new Parish Hall equipped with air conditioning and new office & classrooms were designed and ready for use in 2011. The new Hall is used for summer services and community groups rent the room for meetings, celebrations and the Council On Aging exercise programs.

In 2021 we will celebrated our 200th Anniversary.