Upcoming Events

Saturdays: 10 am-12 Noon:  Open Sanctuary
Sundays:   10:00 am On-line Worship Service
Mondays: 11 am -2 pm Open Sanctuary
Tuesdays: 11 am- 2 pm Open Sanctuary
Wednesdays: 11 am- 2 pm Open Sanctuary
Thursdays: 11 am-2 pm Open Sanctuary
Fridays: 11 am-2 pm Open Sanctuary
Saturday 6/13: 11 am  – Noon Open sanctuary
Rev. Ed is available for Zooming and socially distanced face-to-face conversation by appointment.
Sermons are available on our website

Directions for meeting online

To join the worship service on your computer, click this link:



To dial in call (1)-646-558-8656. When prompted, enter


Meeting ID: 938 6229 7774

Password: 846498

If you need assistance joining a virtual meeting call Craig Bardenheuer (978-340-3753) or Michael Lauer (508-331-6991) ahead of time.