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Summer Services

By May 27, 2022No Comments

FROM THE DEACONS. The first worship service in Fellowship Hall for this summer will be on June 19.   The worship service on June 12 will be a shortened service and will be followed by the Annual Spring Congregational meeting.

Worship plans for the next two months are as follows:
— 5/29   Memorial Sunday, Deacons will lead the service and there will be an on-line sermon, preached on Memorial Sunday May 26, 2019 by the Rev. Carl Wright, Armed Forces Bishop of the Episcopal Church. 
— 6/5   Youth Sunday and Pentecost service led by the Youth of our church and Grace Miller.
— 6/12   Deacons will lead a shortened service without a sermon, which will be followed the Spring Annual Congregational Meeting (all to be held in the Sanctuary)
— 6/19   First service in Fellowship Hall, with a guest preacher: Rev. Russ Goliger, who just received his Master of Divinity degree this Spring. 
— 6/26   Service will be led by Rev. Ginger Bove who preached for us earlier this Spring.  Rev. Bove has served UCC churches since 1996, and is now a hospital chaplain at Lahey Hospital in Burlington.
— 7/3   July 4 weekend service (no communion) led by Rev. Russ Goliger
— 7/10  Communion will be served and the service led by Rev. Ginger Bove

During summer worship, the Deacons invite friends, members or families in the Congregation to undertake parts (or all) for our informal services. What might this involve? Well, almost anything ……. finding or writing meaningful worship elements, asking and answering a question that has personal meaning,  expressing and sharing your perceptions of faith, reading a passage of a book or article you that touched you, express in prayer what could reach others, putting together a set of hymns that tell you a story.  A service has many parts, sermons are not always required, and contributing single pieces is always welcome. Certainly a challenge, but a joy too to find yet another way to express and share our love of God, and the meaning for us of living in His world. There is little limit to the possibilities (well, it should fit into one hour and it is communal worship and not discussion, are about it!). Of course help is available from the Deacons, the schedule is open and any contributions are welcome. Contact Terry Morton or any of the Deacons if you would like to discuss this further.  

– Your Deacons are: Terry Morton, Chair, Phyllis Clawson, Keith Conant, Leslie Garrison, Gretchen Henry, Elaine Lazarus Robin and Rebecca Miller, Heidi Wharton